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We’re a Fee-for-service Dental Office in Olney. But What Does That Mean?

Posted on: June 9th, 2023 | Categories: Local Dentist

When potential patients looking for dentist in Olney call our dental office and ask what dental insurance we take, the simple answer is, “all insurances that offer out-of-network benefits”. That’s because our dental office is not in network with any insurances. Before you rule out our dental office, however, you should fully consider what the implications are and why this model of dentistry is becoming increasingly more popular.

The reason our dental office does not participate with any insurance is because we’re offer a more flexible payment model called ‘fee-for-service’. When a dentist, like the ones in our Olney dental office, say they are fee-for-service dentists, it means they operates under a payment model where patients pay for each service they receive out-of-pocket. The dental insurance company will then reimburse the patient for a large percentage of it. We will work closely with you to maximize your dental insurance benefits and minimize the cost you ultimately pay out-of-pocket.

There are several advantages in going to a fee-for-service dentist:

Focus on Quality Dental Care

For anyone that needs more than just a regular dental cleaning, a fee-for-service dentist might be a superior option. Since these dentists are not restricted to the prices set by the dental insurance company, they can prioritize the quality of their services. A fee-for-service dentist can chose to use higher quality materials and spend additional time on a treatment to ensure the highest quality result. Meanwhile, dentists that are restricted to insurance company rules may offer dental work that’s passable, but not acceptable to patients that really care about the best cosmetic outcome.

Some Services Are Not Really Covered By Insurance Anyway

For some dental services, like dental implants, most insurances don’t cover the whole cost of the procedure anyway and will likely try to find an excuse not to pay. Many insurances will only cover something if it’s ‘medically necessary’ and even then won’t cover the whole cost of treatment. This becomes especially noticeable to patients who are looking for a cosmetic dentist in order to achieve their desired cosmetic dental goals. The cosmetic dentists in our Olney dental office have extensive experience in cosmetic dentistry and have worked with many patients in order to achieve their dream smile.

Emphasis on Personalized Care

Since there are no longer restrictions set by dental insurance companies, fee-for-service dentists prioritize delivering comprehensive and personalized care to their patients. They have the freedom to spend more time with each patient, thoroughly assessing their dental health, discussing treatment options, and providing detailed explanations. A treatment plan is no longer determined by the insurance company, but rather by the individual needs of the patient, based on in-depth conversations between the dentist and the patient.

Continuity of Dental Care

As dental insurance companies change their rules, some dentists no longer participate with a certain insurance. If patients strictly went to a dentist based on insurance, the relationship that has been built over the years between a patient and a dentist would disappear. Our dentists view this disruption in care to be extremely detrimental. Our dentists found it’s best to not participate with any insurances to begin with so that patients form a relationship with them based on the care received, rather the insurance they participate with.

If you are looking to form a relationship with a dentist in Olney based on the quality of the care they provide as opposed to the insurance they participate with, we urge you to book an appointment with us. Our online reviews are a testament to the quality of general and cosmetic dental care offered at our dental office. This is a quality of dental care that is not restricted by rules and regulations of a dental insurance company.

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